Modular Data Center

Module Date Center

Modular Data Center is a series of product that combines equipment cabinet with basic instruments including ducting structure system, power supply and distribution system, cooling system, intelligent management system, fire extinguishing system, security and protection system and so on partially or entirely. In order to construct a highly integrated, flexibly expanded, intelligent and multifunctional usage Data Center.

Yahgee can provide customized modular data center with our professional design and integration ability based on clients’ requirements. Due to the construction concept of modularization, it’s easy for modular data center to realize the expansion of scale.

According to different functions, modular data center can be operated individually, also can be constructed to different scales of data centers by the method of ‘building blocks’ to adapt to all varieties of micro, small, medium, large sized scales of data centers. Yahgee can provide overall solutions of efficient and reliable, simple and rapid, green and energy saving Date centers.