Huawei Generator Container

Custom Container Box

Generator container adopts the container structure with diesel generator units inside, also equipped with designed specific instruments and accessories. With careful consideration of details, generator container has the advantages of fully equipped, conveniently operation, easy and stable transportation so that can be widely applied in the industries of oil field, offshore work platform, data center and so on.

Flexible sizes, can be customized according to different demands. Good looking appearance, compact structure, enough internal operation space, etc. The mute container cavity is equipped with high performance , ageing resistance and flame retardant acoustic and insulation material.
Container body adopts humanized design, with doors on both side and built-in maintenance lights, which makes it easy to operate and maintain. Fire fighting system is set for emergency extinguishing, control system and output connection have been strictly tested.

Oil-field used generator container is equipped with explosion-proof lamps, switches and cabinets, also with workbench, lifting rope hook and so on. This container can also be extra equipped with specific sledge or climbing plough to meet the special operation requirements in oil fields.
Offshore work platform used generator container adopts airtight body structure, and can be extra equipped with electric blinds and complete fastening instruments including wind and wave resistance hooks and so on. The paint system is fully adapted to the harsh environment such as high salt fog, high humidity and condensation on the sea.