CAT Generator Equipment Container In Russia

Generator Equipment Container

The generator container is used to install a generator to form a portable power source. The design bearing capacity of the generator box is from 20T to 60T. It can meet the requirements for installation, transportation, maintenance, and ventilation of large mechanical and electrical equipment through force school nuclear and load-bearing experiments. It meets international marine standards. Processing such as noise reduction.

The container generator set is convenient, quick, and easy to operate.
The cabinet is scientifically designed, uses advanced sound-absorbing materials, and introduces advanced technologies in the fields of acoustics and airflow to reduce the noise of the unit.
Therefore, box-type generator sets can be divided into three types: low-noise box type, low-noise mobile type, and machine room noise reduction.
Suitable for places with strict requirements such as noise, rain, snow and sand, such as hospitals, office places, open air, and fixed places in the wild.

Yahgee has many years of experience in customizing the production of generator boxes, and cooperates with many well-known domestic and foreign brands.