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Used in oil, drilling, geology…

Product introduction:
Camping container is an essential living and accommodation facility for the outdoor construction team. It is widely used in oil, drilling, geology, border trade, highway construction and so on. It’s also called corrugated plate camp, special camp as made of corrugated steel plates.

Camping container is applied in all kinds of field construction and living usage, which effectively improves the work efficiency and living quality in the field work.
Humanized design, reasonable structure, strength and durability, flexibility and convenience, the facilities are fully equipped and high-level, seismic and wind resistant.

Camping container is convenient for transport, high cost performance, strong and durable, well made, cozy and comfortable, fully functional, reasonable layout , humanized design, enough interior space designed based on the ergonomics principle, harmonious indoor color. It has good performance of sealant, heat preservation, rain and cold resistance.

Considering the characteristics of field work, the steel framework structure is adopted for a high strength. The steel structure is skeleton welded, the housing body generally adopts 2-3mm steel corrugated plate to weld with the building skeleton into one. The overall layout of the house is reasonable, the auxiliary skeletons are connected and welded into a whole in order to ensure the strength and durability and no deformation occurs during lifting and moving. To ensure the effect of heat and sound insulation, the wall adopts cabin board or sandwich board. The interior wall, ground and ceiling are all beautifully and reasonably decorated. The interior is fully equipped with electrical appliances, furniture and office facilities.

1. The camping container adopts high quality corrugated steel plate to weld the outer cover, which is solid and sealed.
2. The thermal insulation layer adopts excellent thermal and sound insulation material of rock wool or PU foam, in conjunction with air conditioner and fan heater to keep warm in winter and prevent heat in summer.
3. The circuit design adopts safety circuit, equipped with overload protection, leakage protection and earthing system to fully guarantee the safety of occupants.

1. According to customers’ requirements for heat insulation and sound insulation, the walls are made of different materials such as cabin board and rock wool sandwich board
2. The top and bottom of the wall are all insulated. The floor is made of plastic, wood or ceramic tiles for customers to choose.
3. The appearance adopts different colors according to the customer’s demand, to be beautiful and generous.
4. Multiple anticorrosion treatment is adopted, for long service life. All interior decoration materials meet the requirements of environmental protection